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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She Got Her Wings !!!

I finally found a pair of wings for her, with shiny 'blink blinks' on the wings too.
I have been hunting high and low at KLCC, checking out all the kids boutiques and finally found one at Teddy Tales for RM19.90. Not cheap but not too expensive either.

We waited till she was with us shopping and surprised her. Last week we brought her to Teddy Tales Mid Valley..

Wuah.. so happy to see so many wings.. ladybird, angels etc...

She got what she wanted.. angel wings, like Tinkerbells', shining shining ones

When hubs help her to put on the wings, her expression is priceless !!

Then she attemps to 'fly'.. LOL !!!

I panicked for a while and quickly explained that she must not attempt flying and her wings are fake, she'll never fly with them., so she just lay tummy down, hands and legs in the air .. on the chair.

Amber, oh Amber !