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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mooncake Festival round the corner

Backdated post. Photos shot using my CybershotDSC-S600, my first digital camera.

2 weeks ago, FIL & MIL bought lanterns for Amber. It's the second lantern they bought this year. First was a Ben 10 and now a new one, a ladybird with the open close flaps, very nice, I must say.

She loves it so much, played with it amidst the large Raya crowd at Mid Valley (and annoying everyone .... hahahaha )

Yuen Wen cheh cheh and Amber

When the 2 girls get together, they are noisy, cheeky and most imporantly, HAPPY !

When we left Mid Valley, passed by Dunkin Donuts for some samples. The tiny munchkins are just nice for a bite, no need to buy one box, save money and save calories too !
We didn't buy any mooncakes this year for ourselves, just some for our parents and brothers/sisters. My sis gave me some Tai Thong mooncakes and that'll be enough for me. I'm looking forward to celebrate the festival at my in-laws this weekend coz plenty of opportunity to take photos again with colorful lanterns and I've also bought a box of sparklers for the kids to play.