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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Petrol Price Increase

Did anyone realise this yesterday. Unlike last years petrol price hike, there wasn't any front page announcement this time.

Hubs was fuming...
I was laughing ...
Bad, aint I ?

Well, he waited till the 1st to fill up his tank coz we'll get a 5% rebate from CIMB Master.
The govt announced 2 types of petrol from Sep 1 onwards. Ron 95 and Ron 97

Ron95 suggested price was RM1.75 and Ron97 RM1.85.

Our mechanics suggested Ron07 for our car, afterall the price difference isn't much.
Hubs tik-tik-tak-tak his calculator over the weekend and waited till Tuesday to pump, with a 5% discount, it's still cheaper than pumping on 31st at the old rate of RM1.80

Mana tau.. on Tuesday morning, it was announced on the 2nd page, new petrol prices for Ron95 is RM1.80 and Ron97 RM2.05 !!! An increase of 13.88% . So, our 5% rebate 'tong-kor-sui' chor.

New petrol prices. I bet you are confused over 95,97 whateva. I don't know the difference too, but now I know I have to pump the RM2.05/liter !!!

13.88% increase is a lot isn't it ?