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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amber and her Koong Koong

Amber's Koong Koong is 75 years old. They are both born in Year of Dog.

We visit Koong Koong once a week, usually for dinner at Koong Koong's house

On her first year, she poops at every visit to Koong Koong's, dunno why, I can't explain and my father will think that Amber pangsai ever so frequent but not true, she does not.

On her second year, she gives Koong Koong nightmare at every visit. The house has split level and Amber will not stop at climbing up, climbing down, up, down and up and down, NON-STOP. When her babysitter was ill and hospitalized, I asked Koong Koong's help to mind her for few days, the thought of running after Amber up and down the split level stairs made him 'pengsan'
Then Amber lost her tooth, Koong Koong will tease her endlessly, singing "bogeh bogeh" song (bogeh means 'toothless')

On her third year, Amber is more 'sang seng', can walk up and down unaided, Koong Koong can sit back and relax on his lazy chair without getting stressed watching over Amber.

I hope Koong Koong will have many more healthy years to go to see his grandchildren grow up and and give Amber a chance to buy him his favourite 'kopi o' :)