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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of Roast Pork lately

Lately, it's been siew yoke fever amongst a few blogger moms. I had my fair share of ups and
downs, crispiness and hardiness, love and hate relationship with THAT piece of pork belly before I finally got it right. He/she has to be streaky but not too fat, lean but not too skinny and most important, FRESH !

Here's my share of siew yoke :

I bought a 1.5kg piece from the wet market. Look for streakiness with alternate layers of fat and meat and thicker skin. Thicker skin will give you better crunchy skin. This piece I had was a bit too lean and skin a bit too thin. According to the butcher, it's hard to get a fat pig nowadays.. (to market, to market to buy a fat pig... ooooppsss... to market to market to buy a lean pig... home again home again jiggedy hig)

First, wash the pork belly clean, I then cut of the both ends to save for mui choy yoke, that's my intention coz 1.5kg was a bit too much for our small gathering tonight.

Boil the pork, skin side down for 5 mins, then cut criss cross on the meaty side, to enable marinate to seep in.

Marinate with 1 cube red fermerted bean curd (nam yue), 1tsp of five spice powder and 2tsp salt

Chill in fridge uncovered for 3-4 hours, or until skin is dry

Leave the meat to return to room temperature before roasting. Poke and stab skin side with a big fork, knife or ice picker. Slather with white vinegar then roast on grill/fan function at 190 celcius

Place between middle and upper rack, do not place at middle or too low because if thre's insufficient direct heat at skin, it will not crackle.

Here's how it looks like after 20 minutes :

Then the sides begins to crackle and burn faster than the rest. Cover with foil to prevent charring.

Tadaaaa !!! Siew Yoke : warm, crunchy and moist !

Scrape of any charred black parts. Not worth risking cancer when the cholesterol and fat count is already so high.

Leave to cool a bit and chop with a big cleaver, be careful with the skin as it falls easily. You need a very fast hand on this one.

The plate of siew yoke, going, going, GONE !!!