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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 38

Baby is not here yet. Fully engaged but no signs of early delivery , not as we've expected.

Baby's development :

Head fully engaged, facing down/backwards - the best position for delivery
Estimated weight of 3.5 - 3.6kg
Head circumference didn't change, therefore weight gain went to fats on her body

Mummy has not put on any weight. Weight remains the same as 3-4 visits ago. Urine - normal. Blood pressure - Normal

Physical - Not very normal !!! Baby's weight pressing on my pubic nerves makes walking very difficult. I feel like a walking pendulum, ready to be swayed left or right and due to my clumsiness, home rest for me till D Day.

DJW agreed on inducing the baby since mommy already having a difficult time and baby will weigh even more if I wait till Wk 40.

The dates been set.. to induce at Wk39 + 1 day. Unless baby comes sooner, we'll meet baby M by end of this week.

We've chosen a name but in the meantime, Baby M, she is :D