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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confinement Stuff from Sister

Eldest sister went back to her mother in laws over the CNY and came back with some goodies. The goodies were meant for her but I've snitched them.. kekekekkeke... just timely for my confinement.

On the left is Foochow misua, the thin strand of wheat noodle. I'll be having lots of these for my breakfast and lunch as I'd very much prefer misua over rice. I saw a packet at her house when I visited during CNY ... bingo.. just the misua I wanted. Better than getting the Sun shun fuk misua which is made in China and expands very easily in soup.

On the right is homegrown ginger. Her MIL grew these rooted gems at home. It's a bit smaller than Bentong ginger but these packs a punch. Powdery textured and not lacking in spiciness, I'm sure I'll be munching lots of these with my misua soup.

She also gave me a bottle of Foochow 'angchiew'.  I'm well stocked up with rice wine. My MIL has given me 20 bottles of black bean rice wine and I've also ordered a dozen of glutinuos rice wine.

I don't mind having chicken rice wine everyday and I'll be cooking my own rice wine chicken after the CL leaves. I believe it's better to pantang for 40 days with proper food and diet.