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Thursday, February 7, 2013

D Day is near but not so near either

The last obgyn check up at Wk35 shows baby is 70% engaged. Cephalic position and all's well
Estimated weight 2.63kg but mummy only gained 1kg from previous month. No thanks to the sleepless nights and inability to swallow down a proper dinner.

I keep getting constant abdominal cramps and it always so tightly filled with fluid. The Braxton Hicks contractions are getting closer and tighter each time and ouch ! .. feels like a bowling ball waiting to drop !

Having said that, all's well with baby and that's what matters. Blood and sugar levels are normal too.
DJW, my obgyn, issued an admission letter, the near is imminent, she says and we're not taking any chances in view of the coming CNY holidays. She issued 2 letters for me, one for admission at the hospital and another for travelling, just in case labour comes a-calling when I'm away for CNY break.

At Wk35 1/2, the sleepless nights got worst, getting up and walking to the toilet was a big task to accomplish. The tummy has to swing and settle from one side to the other when I turn myself over to get out of bed and when I finally stand up,  the tummy tum drags me down. I shuffle to the toilet to pee. This was like 20 times at night!!  Depressing symptoms of last trimester !! My friend Jo suspected I could have UTI.
It was getting more and more uncomfortable, my legs could hardly walk, the numbing sensation got worst and I went to DJW again to get checked.

We did a urine FEME test and tested positive for UTI. Prescribed a sachet of Monurol, tasted like ENO and that was supposed to last me for 3 days. Within 3 days, most of the bacteria would be flushed out. In addition, I downed lots of barley and coconut water.

Scan at 35 1/2 weeks shows that baby is not ready. DJW doesn't see signs of early delivery before CNY but ordered me to rest more. No more shopping or prolonged walking in case water bag breaks. The numbness were due to pressings on nerves on my legs, nothing much we could do except rest more.
Measurement shows baby to be 3kg !!! A shock to me, within 4 days, her measurements went up from 2.63kg to 3kg whereas mummy has lost 0.5kg. This is going to be a big baby just like her cheh cheh.
We saw a glimpse of her face too. Chubby and pouty !

Few weeks more.......