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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mandarin Orange Marmalade

I got rid of our mandarin oranges before Chap Goh Mei... yayyy !!!!

I was afraid that I may pop anytime and hubs has been hinting he missed the jams I make very much. Once you have your own homemade jam, those store bought don't quite cut it. Full of sugar and jelly like and there's nothing like thick cut marmalade on a warm toast with a light spread of butter.

I followed the same Billy Law's recipe I did last year. Could not put the link in here as loading his page takes ages.  Actually I followed the method and the rest are just estimation. Cooking time depends on the thickness required and adjust sugar accordingly.

I made 6 jars in total and it's just enough to last us a year. I sterilize the bottles and they keep well. Sorry.. not enough to go round for friends this year. ;D