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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting ready

I've been on home rest for 3 weeks now. Nothing to do.. bored to the bits. Actually.. .lots to do but physically unable to do much without panting or worrying about the big tummy in front of me.

My helper's been a gem. She's cleared the baby room for me. We've set up a new Graco pack and play - a gift from fellow moms and also a day bed for whoevers-taking-care-of-baby.  I want to station baby downstairs during confinement and after.   Baby M has another cot upstairs (Amber's previous) and that's only for night sleep.

Her bottles been sterilized, air dried and stacked up in Amber's Avent sterilizer. Still in good working condition, all I had to do was de-calcify with citric acid bought from Daiso.

Her clothes are washed and stacked up in the cupboard. I'll let the CL choose her clothes to wear.

We plan to start her on disposable diapers + cloth diaper (just in case she has very sensitive skin).

I've rolled out a big box of cotton balls to wipe Baby M's precious butts

I'll just use Johnson baby soap bar to bath her. Less intrusive than baby baths and this time, no more guiness stout or whatsoever.

We'll have our Eubos and Oilatum on standby .. just in case she has sensitive skin like Amber.

I hope my months of diligently taking probiotics will help in reducing her chances of atopic dermatitis.

Mmmmm... can't wait to smell Baby M..  can't wait.. can't wait !!!!