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Sunday, February 24, 2013

CNY Decorations

I did not do much baking this year apart from a round of pineapple tarts and chocolate chips. Can't do much without my tummy jabbing the edge of the table and it's almost impossible to bend and take out a tray from the event.

I was homebound as per doctor's orders on the last wk preceeding CNY. Did some paper crafts with ideas from

Flower lanterns..  I love making these and I made a couple more for my sister and fathers. On nights I could not sleep ,, I was stapling away in the toilet !!!  -- - so as not to wake up hubs and Amber.

I kept 4 lanterns for our house and hung it down the stairway like this : 

We filled up our vases with some fake peonies and cherry blossoms :

and a few more ding ding dang dangs here and there... the house was filled with tong tong chiang mood. :D

Today's Chap Goh Mei , I think we'll let the decors hang around for a couple of weeks or until my confinements over before we pull it down.