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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confinement Herbs 2

Just when I thought I was well covered on the herbs/medicine section, the CL reminded me on a few essentials I'd need immediately after delivery.

I've been in constant contact with her and updating her on my visits to obgyn. She's ready and waiting for my call and the latest we shall wait is till 1 March.

She's advised me to get the following :

- So Hup Yuen - 3 boxes (approx 30 pills - to consume 1 pills each day of confinement)
- Wu Kam Yuen  - 3 pills
- Sang Far Thong - 1 packet 

Wu Kam Yuen and Sang Far Thong is to cleanse postpartum lochia and So Hup Yuen is to get rid of wind in the body. It's supposed to make you fart excessive wind out ;)

I've got all 3 above from our morning market medicine hall.

That's a lot to consume eh ?  I don't think I can remember what to and when to consume but luckily CL is here to help. Let's pray she's someone easy going ....