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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gong Xi Gong Xi !

Gung Hei Fatt Choy !!! Happy Ular lar.... !!!!

We're back from a short break back to hubs hometown. This year's New Year break was the shortest stay we had at Tampin as Amber had to go to school and school ends 2 days before CNY.

We left on a rainy Friday. Traffic was extremely heavy but luckily not on the direction we were travelling. We detoured to Tangkak to get Amber checked on her egg allergy.

I have not been updating but recently, 2 months ago, her egg allergy shot up to Count 14. Retraced and plouged my memory and I couldn't find any egg pitstops in her diet. Moving forward, it's another bad news for us and Amber has to abstain from eggs and the 1 yr count continues. This is her third relapse.
Dr Wong did another check on her again and the count dropped to 4. and... the journey continues.. 

From Tangkak, we adjourned to the in laws..all in festive mood and can't wait to drop our bags and lay back , rest and relax. Stopped for coffee/cakes at Secret Recipe with MIL and chit chatted.

I'm lucky as I don't have to help out much during the New Year. Our Ah Soh helps to cook reunion dinner and this year we're 'late' back home (on the 29th pm of the last lunar month), the cookies and such was all prepared for guests (and us :D)

Following day was reunion dinner.The pic above was we had for dinner..... steamed chicken, roast pork, braised sea cucumber with pork trotters,  braised baby ngaku wrapped in lettuce leave, braised duck, mixed vege platter,  sweet & sour pork ribs, and the 'heaven pot' of *pepper-pigs maw-ginko-kampungchicken-abalone soup* -  a specialty pot of soup reserved for 'tai yat chee'.

Kids played with fireworks/firecrackers while I rested in the room. I couldn't muster enough energy to walk down the stairs and join in the fun. All I wanted to do was lie down and spend some time with my little ular-la.  Baby kicks and squirms when mummy is resting lying down and those are precious moments I shall treasure, only a couple of weeks more for me to enjoy the squirms and kicks.

Happy Ular-la to all !!!!!