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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stretch Marks

The Palmers stretch mark cream don't work for me. It's very waxy and hard to apply. The tummy feels 'waxed upon' and feels itchy too.

I went back to my good old trusty Skin Labs Vitamin E cream - 10,000iu , from Guardian Pharmacy.

So much easier to apply and feels lighter on the skin too. I can't assure myself of it's effectiveness though but we'll do what we can do. Stretch marks are partly genetic and also depends on the fetal growth rate. I hardly had any stretch marks with Amber even though she was a whopping 3.57kg but now, I can feel the skin cracking..literally... especially when I stand or lie down on my side. The marks are more defined on the left side of tummy because I tend to sleep on the left side more, as advised.

Well, I'll just do what I can.  A little bit of stretch marks is nothing to grouch over when baby arrives, healthy and pink !