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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sniffing out tenants

Since the last epi with a tenant that drew ah-long to my condo unit, I've requested the real estate agent to thoroughly view prospective tenants and ask for contact numbers in case of emergency. I cannot afford another screw up as I have a housing loan to service.

The agent agreed to halve his fees for the next tenancy and in less than a month, I've met 6 prospective tenants. Hubs and I learned to sniff out the bad ones.

Prospect #1
- bad from the start. Did not turn up for the first appointment. Involved in an accident, apparently. Met her again the following week, hands and limbs not broken. Wonder why she didn't pick up call or sms that she can't make it for first appointment ?
- teacher at a "International Pre-school" at Ampang. That's the main reason why I wanted to meet her, I thought 'teachers' are good and trustworth BUT cannot assume, as I've learned!
- we met at McDonalds, she brought a few friends along, whom I supposed will be sharing the apartment with her. Smells baddd... sharing means she can't pay full month rental !
- doesn't give me her business card. Smells BAD ! Not being sincere here.
- asked me to provide fridge and tv, she will pay RM100 extra per month. I agreed and went scouting for used tv & fridge, luckily I wasn't stupid enough to purchase before receiving her deposits.
- never turned up, returned calls or sms when deposit is due . BAD to the bone. Can't even say 'NO' ? After this incident, I learn to follow my instincts and not to listen to excuses anymore. Not picking up calls is the worst habit anyone could have

Prospect #2
- An Iranian woman who wanted to rent to her mom whose living next block. Seemed honest and gives a very kind smile.
- wanted me to upgrade a better washing machine for her or reduce rental. I'm not willing to take a step back (heck, I have a loan to service)
- politely declined when her mom's landlord reduced rental.

Prospect #3 & #4
- Nigerian and South African - with no permanent business association here. I politely told the agent "NO" , because I can't bring myself to knock on my unit asking for rental when it's due. Too intimidating, perhaps if I'm 6' tall, I can consider.

Prospect #5
- a local with 'big' business interest in Indonesia. Married a young Indonesian woman half his age and one third his size. Again, his size intimidates me.
- We met at McDonalds. He carries no business card. Again, smells BAADDD... how could a businessman not carry a business card?? Moreover, how can I chase for rental when he's in Indonesia most of his time ? I have a strange feeling he needs my condo unit to stash away his young wife.
- talks loud.. VERY LOUD ! taking some ubat awek muda stuff and ask me to do the same, good for the health, apparently. Bad Sign ! When he started talking to me about ubat awek muda, I quickly made an excuse to leave.
- he was very promising on paying the deposits etc. he said the words 'PROMISE' many times. Another bad sign. If they are sincere, no need to promise, promise and PROMISE
- I agreed with a heavy heart. I have a bank loan to service and cannot be choosy and take my time in choosing tenants. After our meeting, I told hubs.. I secretly wished this guy will not pay the deposit and vanish off like Prospect #1
- then hubs bumped into him at KLCC the following day, and asked for his name card. Without getting any, hubs left a last word for him : Any businessman who is sincere, will carry a business card. That was the last we heard of him
- Never turned up paying deposits and worst, never returned the agents call or sms..

What's wrong with some people ?? Can't say No ? I don't want ?

Prospect #6
- Met him today. An Iranian student. I was hesitant at first but hubs told me Iranians are very warm people. He has many Iranian housemates back in his Uni-days. I okay-ed on Friday and requested to meet him today.
- Agent emailed me his college offer letter and passport. We met up for teh tarik and he was nice, courteous and pleasant. Insisted on buying us all drinks.
- He's a mining engineer but specializes in computer and IT stuff back in Tehran. Now, he's here to complete his MSc. His family, wife and a son will be coming over in August and that's why he needs an apartment to stay
- I'm surprised he paid up so fast. He has very little request, offering to pay for parking access, unit access card and he only asked if he could drill holes to put up a clock and paint his own room. Reasonable requests granted.
- and he was a footballer, previously representing his country !

Hubs and I know this one smells GOOD !

Isn't choosing tenants akin to choosing a good durian ??