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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bummed out from class

Amber started her Mental Arithmetics class in April this year.

The class is held at her kindie on weekend. Maximum 12 kids per session and Amber is the youngest.

She was fine on the first and second class. Come 3rd and 4th class, she started doing naughty stuff, not paying attention, 'conteng' her friends books and poured soya milk on their books.

What a shame !

The teacher, a young lady, told us to send Amber to her center on weekdays for a 1 to 1 coaching. Amber may be too young to follow the pace of the other kids (mostly 6 year olds and with a couple of other primary school kids).

And so.. we've been sending her on weekday evenings to the center for a 1.5 hour lesson. Hubs and I will hang around the area, have dinner, then pick her up. By the end of the 1.5 hour, we'll see her up to some mischief instead of concentrating.

The first session, we saw her at the drawing board, holding a marker. She stopped and laughed when she saw our arrival. Teacher Tracy, her teacher was also in stitches. She told us Amber could only concentrate for the first hour.. and then she got tired..
.. and she changed roles with teacher .
.. Teacher teacher.. now I become teacher, you become my student. holding the marker pen and talking in an authoritative manner..
.. OK !!!!! you finish your homework, then I give you Batman stickers.. but hor.. you must give me first and then I give you ok ?
.. Faster, you must learn to write yourself OK ? Good girl aahhh.. I give you stickers.
Teacher Tracy was in stitches

On the second session, Amber was up to no-good after the first 30 minutes.
.. Come Teacher Tracy, I teach you lah...
.. OK !! Now, you are student, I am teacher.
.. You are Teacher Tracy, I am Teacher CRAZY !! wuahahahaha...

These are her antics as reported by Teacher Tracy, you see, my girl, really kek sei ngor but at the same time.. siu sei ngor.. always full of mischief !