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Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day for her, him and me.

We went back to Tampin to celebrate Father's Day with FIL. For me and hubs, it's also a break from our normal routine (I don't need to cook, clean and scrub) and for her, a wonderful end to the school holidays, spending time with uncles, aunties, cousin sister and grandparents.

The family had dinner on Saturday at Malacca. We found a new restaurant, New Lagoon somewhere along Melaka Raya. Food is good and cheap and I hope to remember taking pictures and blog about it on our next trip.

On Sunday, I made Amber buy 'coffee' for her father. Hubs favourite coffee, San Francisco Coffee was not available where we were, we settled for Secret Recipe instead.

Of course Amber buy papa coffee means Mama will pay for it la.. :D

and I also had a coffee and ordered a slice of cake - Chocolate Indulgence. I heard so much about it, must try. It's good.

Amber and Yuen Wen was creating a ruckus at Secret Recipes.

I chase you...

you chase me...

quiet moments, doodling

then jump, jump, jump again. I asked hubs to leave soon before they ban these 2 kids from coming again :S

Then we left for home, early, meaning to avoid the famous Sunday evening Seremban-KL jam, thankfully, we avoided and had a smooth journey home.

Since my evening was free, we kacau'ed our friends, Joanne and Thomas and asked what plans they had on Father's Day. Joanne had in plan to cook up a 'western dinner' for Thomas.They, being such nice people, called us over to join them.

Joanne and Thomas really took a lot of effort and spent the whole afternoon shopping for groceries when we said we were coming for dinner.

Thomas cooked pan fried salmon, grilled prawns, mashed potatoes while Joanne did the eggs, apple salad, prawn fritters, sausage and a butter free salmon for Amber. Thanks Joanne for being so thoughtful and thinking of Amber !

The settings to a wonderful Father's Day Celebration.

Eggs with tuna stuffing. Looks delish and tastes as good as it looks.

I always like Joanne's food presentation.

Mushroom soup

My platter. Deeeliciouss !!!

Extra salad for nibbling. Joanne and Thomas does eat very healthy, much healthier than hubs and me.

Fruits for desert..

and with good food and good company, comes the good wine..

Chilean red.. with Kameruka cheddar chunks

Here's to the 2 wonderful papas - Thomas and hubs.

One shot for the day.. using timer from my digital camera..
Us and the host, Joanne, Thomas and Sharon.

Happy Father's Day to hubs & Thomas.