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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tangkak Beef Noodles - Restoran Kuang Fei

I really look forward to Amber's visit to her allergy specialist at Tangkak. Apart from the friendly and welcoming doctor, we look forward to lunch at the infamous Tangkak Beef Noodles.

We'll register our names at the clinic and drive off to the beef noodle outlet. I was searching my Garmin GPS for Tangkak Beef Noodle but 'takde pun'. Unlikely right ? Search high and low but really, no 'Tangkak Beef Noodle'. We called a friend to give us directions to the famous beef noodle shop and landed ourselves here :

Restoran Kuang Fei,, ''toong kap niu rou mien" - I think that's how it was supposed to read.
So Tangkak Beef Noodle, the original outlet is Restoran Kuang Fei.. Remember this name when you go Tangkak or use your GPS. Only the KL and Malacca branches are called Tangkak Beef Noodle.

Location : Exit NSE to Tangkak.. at the junction of Tangkak police station, turn right to Jalan Solok. Kuang Fei is on your right, opposite the market. Just about slightly 5 mins drive from NSE exit.

Noodles here comes in soup style. No 'kon lou'.. hubs had 'mee' - the yellow noodle variety.

I had hor fun.. very nice and thick hor fun, unlike the Ipoh variety, this thick hor fun goes better with the beef broth.

We had 'all-in', tripes, tendons, meat except beefballs.

They come in 3 sizes, S, M &L and I think it's' RM4,5 and 6, whatever it is, remember to order LARGE. It's never too big a bowl.

I personally find the soup here much better than it's branches, it doesn't give you the heaty and thirsty and dry tongue afterfeel.