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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dinner ar Ocen Seafood, Tanjung Sepat

With tummies rumbling and mouth watering, we adjourned to dinner, leaving Bagan Lalang around 7-ish pm, just in time to watch the sunset and it was a beautiful sight. Vincent and Cougar, Annie's hubs asked us to follow their car and this is our first outing together, both of them kept a close watch and made sure we are close behind and getting lost in Tanjung Sepat is no joke !

We landed ourselves at "Ocen Seafood Restaurant" , next to Qingren Qiao (Lovers Bridge) local products shop. I'm not sure Ocen was spelled intentionally to promote it's or-chien or somebody missed out an 'a'. Nevertheless, hubs was excited and upon parking his car, he said he could 'smell' the good food. I'd say we're lucky coz the next car arriving after us was turned away by the Ocen.. *tutup already*... the lady told the patrons. Boy, I cannot imagine how frustrating it would be for them..

The souvenir shop, famed for it's homemade tom yam paste. Moi got a jar .. can't wait to hv a tomyam night with my homegrown serai and kaffir lime..

Lots of traditional tit bits and ting ting candies.

Next to Ocen Seafood was the famed Lover's bridge :

Long eh ? it's actually a jetty going out to sea and I suppose fisherman will land their catch here ? Neh ? Too late to see anything.

Alright, we were growling with hunger and left it to Vincent and Cougar to order food. Just order we said, no need to waste time and ask.. we 'apa pun makan'. :D

Kangkong and Nestum sotong. I like this sotong very much coz it's not dipped in thick batter..

Gung po mantis prawn and famous Tg Sepat fishballs

Taufoo kang in claypot. Served bubbling hot. I like this dish very much drizzled with black vinegar.

Sweet and sour pork. Fearles and Cruz loves this dish. they call it 'red sauce meat' :D

Steamed snapper teochew style. Very simple but nice.

And the star of the night :

Or-Chien .. fried fresh baby oysters.. Ocen style... comes sizzling on hotplate, half cooked. Boy, this is so YUMZZZ... I'd order double portion next time. Luckily Annie didn't like this dish, we all had more to share.. muahahahaha...
Amber, hungry already.. ate rice with fishball and soup and lots of steamed fish.

For her to lick her plates clean, it has to be good.

This is what we had for 6 adults (minus the fishball soup, already served and eaten)

Now you see it,

Now you dont :

We were famished and dinner was excellent. For 6 adults and 5 kids, the bill came up to RM170+. Cheap eh ?
I'd definitely make another trip here.