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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

She Loves Dogs

Amber loves dogs, especially small dogs kept as house pets.

Our friend Jen, kindly invited us for dinner at her home on Wesak Day. She knows Amber loves dogs and she has 3 Bichon Frise at home. One is the father to the other 2. I honestly cannot remember their names :(

Jen also prepared a sumptious dinner for us. Chicken rice, roast duck, drunken chicken, and steamed tofu. She knew Amber was allergic to eggs and steamed a separate egg-free tofu for Amber. Such a lovely and considerate host she is, and she makes a mean cocktail of lychee cranberry vodka cocktail. All these and I was too lazy to take photos.. :(

I did take some pics of Amber and the 3 Bichon Frise tho :

The dogs were napping when we arrived and when they woke up.. Amber carried them out of the room. Bravo Amber, not afraid of dogs at all. Hubs had promised Amber a pet dog when she's big enough to shoulder responsibilities to feed, bath and groom the dog. As for me, I'm keeping myself out of the deal, I don't want anything to do with his pets, my hands are full with housework !
Thanks Jen, for hosting us a dinner of warm homecooked meal and also helping to shower Amber.