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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bagan Lalang

Annie Q gave me a surprise call on Saturday, asked if we'd like to join her family and another friend - Melissa and Vincent to Bagan Lalang. Hubs who is not an adventurous fella gave me a bigger surprise by wanting to go. Since it's school holidays and for whateva reason I don't know, both of us in holiday mood :D

As I know and read about Bagan Lalang from other mummy's post, it's a beachside resort and fun for a day's play. With advise from Annie, I packed water, towels and snacks.

We followed our trusted Garmin GPS for directions. Took the NSE, exit at Nilai and follow the signs to LCCT and Sepang Gold Coast, we were there in about an hour. I realised I had left Amber's bag of beach toys and swimsuit at home, what a bummer ! We were saved by the many stalls selling kites and bubble guns. I quickly wanted to get another swimsuit for Amber but it was all sold out. So, you can tell this place is very popular eh ?

Hubs got a bubble gun and Princess kite for Amber. See the bag Amber is carrying ? It's Tesco's new Green bag, Toy Story 3 theme.

We spent too much time shopping and when we reached the beach, the water had receeded way back. Luckily I didn't get the swimsuit for her tho'.. muahahaa..

On the background is Sepang Gold Coast Resort. I wouldn't call the coast "Gold" but I'd think with more truthful names like Sepang Muddy Coast, the rooms wouldn't sell either. .LOL !
Amber shooting bubbles.. all she wants, unlike at home, I'll forbid her to shoot anywhere except in the toilet.

Then hubs set up the kite.. sail it and tugged along with Amber but she was too enthusiastic to let the kite fly, it actually flew off, far far away..
So, we had to get another kite. This time, we are smarter, we tie the ends of the string to the coil.
The second kite, hubs asked Amber to sail it.

up up and away.....

Then it was my turn to sail the kite. FUN ! Can't remember the last time I sailed a kite. Prob 30 odd years ago ?

Amber played with the sand and built her own 'sandcastle'

Hubs and I took turn to sail the kite. Hubs was more excited, like a little kid coz this is his first time sailing kites ! He came to my rescue everytime my kite refuse to sail .

My first 'camping' adventure... no doubt a short trip but it was fun and an experience for me.
Thanks Annie for inviting us..

We waited till sunset, a beautiful sight, and then packed our stuff, ready to go for dinner. . I know it'll be another exciting place coz Annie already warned me of a good dinner and not to each too much snacks. Knowing her hubs and his friend to be sporting fellas.. .. .. hubs and I quickly set out Garmin to save the location for our next visit.
Thanks Annie for an interesting Sunday evening out with the family !