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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Giant Avocados

Look at these giant avocados. It's 1.5 times bigger than the Australian variety.

MIL has a friend whose husband works in Sabah and brought back an avocado plant from Sabah. The wife successfully planted the avocado at her backyard in Tampin and it's fruiting heaps. We are the lucky beneficiary of the bountiful harvest.

I love avocados but Amber hates it. I tried all methods to coax her to eat, with honey, blended or mixed with other fruits but she absolutely hates it. She'll make the 'I wanna puke' look whenever I force a slice to her. I know I'm bad to force her food but if you daugther is underweight, you'd do the same too. :D

Hubs won't touch it either, unfortunately. I can't possibly eat all the avocados and I have frozen some of the fruits. I plan to cook curry chicken with it. I think since the fruit is so creamy, it'll make a good substitute to santan. Oh, I also made coffee with pureed avocado. Tastes good, thick and creamy. A friend gave me this idea many years back.

The fruit, sliced up.

The seed .. it's HUGE !
Avocado is a complete food and you can read more here.
It's really a surprise that such great fruit can be grown in our backyard. Perhaps someone should farm it in a bigger scale and we don't have to pay so much for imported avocados.