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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sewing Monster's blog.

I did my first online shopping. Yay ! Finally ! I was skeptical about purchasing items online but when my own blogger friends started the little biz online, I couldn't resist

Sewing Monster has some really amazing stuff. She's been secretly sewing in her free time and
accumulating pieces and pieces of sewn jewel before she finally decides to sell it online. I like to sew too and I know how much effort it takes to put a piece together.

I bought a gunny bag from Sasha Tan's SEWING MONSTER's blog a couple of days ago and I receive the package this morning. Fast eh ?

My new bag, perfect for my weekend use.

I was lucky to have booked this bag. Sasha told me, my two other friends, Barb and Annie was also eyeing on this bag.. LOL ! Barb and Annie, sorry.. I beat you to it.

Good stuff at the Sewing Monster's get snapped up fast, do check out the items and if you like it, don't wait, place your order fast !

Nice right ?