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Friday, June 11, 2010

Why She Likes To Balik Kampung !

The #1 attraction when she goes back to my in laws place is BIL's Xbox.
Recently, she's really hooked on the games, tho' not very good at it and sometimes fight with Yuen Wen Cheh Cheh, she's so into it.. like any other kids.

Once arriving at in laws, she'll quickly run to BIL's room and plant herself there. We don't allow any sort of computer games, Nintendo DS or PSP at our home, she only gets her fix at BIL's room.

BIL has an XBOX at home.

Mama, don't disturb me ok ?

Amber still sleeps in the mini baby cot at my inlaws. She's usually the first to wake up and then she'll wake hubs and me up but during our last stay, I heard her ruffling and I peeped. She woke up, climbed out of the cot herself, open the door, quietly and then closed it, also very quietly. I didn't bother , let her be but 5 minutes later, she's back, tip toeing.. quiet and climbed back to her bed.

I asked where did you go ??

Sook Sook's (BIL) room. I knock, he didn't open the door.

LOL!! This little girl has been silently finding her way to her XBox ! Such is her addiction to computer games.

Then one day, BIL was over at our place for the weekend, she said :

Sook Sook ! I want your house to be near to mine.. so that I can play your games
Sook Sook ! Next time, can you bring your TV to my house ???

*sigh*.. she thinks the games are attached to the tv.. too funny !