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Saturday, June 5, 2010

MMRV Vaccination

We took Amber for booster vaccination last Saturday. She was scheduled for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) booster shot and Chicken Pox (Varilrix) the following month.

We're lucky coz now, a new vacinnation, MMRV - combining both MMR & Varilrix is out and that save Amber's butt from an extra jab. 4 in 1, they call it. My nephew just caught a very bad case of chicken pox and I wanted to get her fully immunized asap.

Her growth measurements at 4year 1 month :

height - 103.6cm
weight - 15kg
head circumference - 51cm

Dr Iean measured her growth charts and she's average for her height and below average for weight, at the lower 25% percentile.
Amber has always been a big baby and her allergy problems has pulled her weight down significantly. In fact she only gained 1kg from her last measurement on March 2009, at 2yr 11 months - weight : 14kg and height : 98.2cm

Dr Iean commented she looks skinny now and asked about her diet. I told doctor about her allergy treatment and he is skeptical of giving Amber the jab since she's allergic to eggs. The MMRV vaccination is not recommended for children allergic to eggs. We discussed and thought about it for a while and since she did not have any major allergic reaction from the first jab, she should be to take the booster shot.

I know the booster shot will not be easy and Amber is bound to have some allergic reaction, to what extent, I am not sure but I gather it should not be life threatening. Dr Wong, Amber's allergy doctor warned me, while Amber is under his treatment, not to expose her to eggs or else she will have a flare up, worst than before. Anyway, I made my own judgement, went ahead with the booster shot for chicken pox. I'd think not vaccinating her will pose a bigger risk of a full bloan attack.

As usual, she wailed like a baby, a baby you want to carry, hold and sooth but she quiet down immediately when the stuck a plaster on her. She likes plasters :)

I could see her sniffing almost immediately and then coughing. Gooey green goo running down her nose and mild temparature at night. We fed her lots of liquids, strawberries and porridge. After 2 days, she's ok.

Now, my next concern if I should get her vaccinated against H1N1, also not recommended for anyone allergic to eggs. I'll have to wait for our next visit to Tangkak and check with Dr Wong.