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Sunday, June 27, 2010

On a Sunny Sunday Morning

Today, we've been good, woke up early and hubs suddenly decides to bring Amber to the park. Unlike me, he's impromptu, wanna go means wanna go but me, I like to plan things. Wanna go to the park ? Wake up early, plan breakfast, plan laundry, plan this and that.. then park but today, the heck with the plan, I'll just tag along. It was already past 9am when he suddenly had the calling to go to the park. I made him skip breakfast and go to the park first, otherwise I'd rather stay home. Morning sun is not my friend !

Although sunny, we're lucky as it was also breezy.. some pics of Amber and us to remember our day by.

Miss Fashionista insist on her sunnies

angkat kaki

PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!

ahh.. this exercise, I joked to hubs.. was more like practising the catwalk.


I did some brisk walking around the lake.. see the Sewing Monster's gunny bag ? Practically my weekend bag :D.

I like this picture.. the clear blue skies and reflection on the lake

Amidst the greens and lake, KLCC peek a boos from behind some bungalows nearby.

So, what did we do after the park ? Fast fast.. to Imbi market for double breakfast... opps ... I mean 'brunch' .