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Friday, June 25, 2010

Secret Secret Secret

You know how 4 year olds are when they discover meaning of 'secret' ? A hush-hush something that cannot be shared but must be able to entice the other party ??

And that makes me a very annoyed mom. My 4 year old, is having lots of secrets..

and not with me but with his Papa.

Every now and then.. I'll hear her talking.. "Papa, come, "SECRET".. cannot tell Mama".


Mama, secret ! you cannot see, close your eyes !

Wuah.. her secret and I must make an effort to hide myself away from it. ;(

Sooo annoying.. I know she deliberately does it to annoy me. I admit, I've not been spending much 1 to 1 time with her. My precious evenings are spent getting the house in order, if I'm lucky, I get to squeeze in Desparate Housewives on Tuesday. My evenings also includes serving her royal highness freshly squeezed juice, peeled and de-seeded grapes (and sometimes poked with dainty bento food picks too). All these butler-maid works and all I get is 'secret show' between both of them, Mama not included !

I get annoyed.. then mad.. a 4 year old little fart, playing politics at home ???

I don't get even.

I shout :

PAPA !!! don't tell Amber our "SECRET" ok ????

Then.. I see the doe eyed girl.. jumping of her chair...

he he..

if you can't win, get EVEN !