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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Spa

Some weekends ago, we had a trashy afternoon, the house was in a mess, laundry piling up and clean laundry waiting to be sorted out. My living room was in a mess, some friends came over and trashed up our home. Anyway,, cut the long story short, it was stressful.

I had to get my place cleaned up, esp my wardrobe. We been 'navigating' our way to the bath, with laundry and travel bags all over the floor.

So, how do I get work done, without someone disturbing me ?

I did a 'spa' for her, while I cleaned my room.

Just a tub, some warm water and bottle of body shampoo. See how 'tharn' she is ? Singing songs, talking to herself, talking to me occasionally.

She's been soaking for over an hour, with her left feet up coz she her left heel is cracking and bleeding (another eczema issue).

Then she laughed at her own 'prune looking' right feet.