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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Allergy Updates

We went for our monthly follow up visit to Dr Wong and was greeted with good and bad news.
Amber's allergy level had dropped to ZERO for House dust mites, Candida and Milk and the bad news is her allergy to eggs has risen to a "7".

As much as we've suspected, Dr Wong said it was due to the chicken pox booster shot that she took last month. She's been given antidote drops again to bring down the Egg allergy to Level ZERO and then the 1 year countdown shall begin.

That means (fingers and legs crossed) we no longer need to make the trip to Tangkak. In a way, I'm quite sad as I always look forward to chat with Dr Wong, one of the most pleasant and patient doctors I've met. Hopefully when we meet next, it'll be for yum char to celebrate Amber's allergy free episode.

She's progressed well, with the first treatment on 10 April 2010 :

House Dust Mites 14
Milk 10
Eggs 13
Candida 10

to her second visit on 11 May 2010 :

House Dust Mites 4
Milk 6
Eggs 5
Candida 5

and to her recent visit 19 June 2010 :

House Dust Mites 0
Milk 0
Eggs 7
Candida 0

I'm very pleased with her results except for the egg allergy but now that we know the cause of it, we shall address it and be more careful in the future.

Dr Wong also said she'll probably have the same reaction or worse, if she takes the H1N1 vaccination and therefore, we've decided not to get her vaccinated. He also said only high risk group needs vaccination and Amber does not fall in the group.

Countdown from 365 to zero begins very soon and me, hubs, childminder and school MUST be very diligent and follow thoroughly to get her cured.

If any moms would like to find oout more about Dr Wong's treatment, please feel free to ask me, I'll be more than happy to share.