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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Potato Cookies

Another attempt to bake an allergy free cookie for Amber.

I came across some 'premium margarine' from the baking supply shop. I was told it tastes great and it's very similiar to butter.

I was keen to try out a new cookie, very popular @ Tampin during Chinese New Year.
'Potato cookies'. I couldn't get these cookies in KL and so, what could be better than baking my own.

Couldn't find any potato cookie recipe online, I *agak agak* a bit here and there and got these little gems :

Do you see some missing cookies ? and those.. .went to my tummy, I couldn't even wait for the cookies to cool down.

Surprise ! The cookies turned out well and Amber loves it.

We're just in the month of June and I'm baking CNY cookies already.
AND ..... I could shoot myself for not writing down the recipe. I'd thought it'll be a failure and I just mixed butter, sugar, taste .. add sugar again. . add flour.. fold and bake !!!
Shiats ! Who would have guessed accidental recipes sometimes turns out well too ?