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Monday, June 7, 2010

Petrosains KLCC

2 Sundays ago, we wanted to bring Amber to the park at KLCC but by the time we got there, it looked kinda sunny already and I suggested they go Petrosains instead. Having visited KLCC so many times but we never thought of bringing Amber there.

Hubs volunteered go Petrosains with Amber and I need not follow. Oh.. I can't tell you how happy I was.. jalan jalan around KLCC, on my own.

Patrons are recommended to allocate at least 2 hours in Petrosains but hubs and her stayed on for 4 hours!!! They came out at 3.30pm, way past lunch time. Hubs said so much to see and do ! Hearing how interesting and exciting it was, I am tempted to join them next visit.

Hubs took some pics

Tickets. RM12 for adults. Children 4 and below is FREE. Must make more visit this year before she turns 5.. :D

Amber, with her stuck up look and Einstein

Supposedly 3D, the car is visible but you cannot actually touch or feel it.
some image on the floor thingy and dancing to it.
@3D movie theatre. They watched a cartoon flick and hubs forgot the title.. haih...

The Petrosains is really huge and the entrance is really deceiving and there's chockfull of events there, check out their website for list of events and I'd think it's darn worth it for RM12 entry fee. Hubs and her went for the dinosaur exhibition and helicopter simulation.
It was a great Sunday for all of us. Hubs and her get to have some fun at Petrosains and me, I had a whole 4 hours of uninterrupted shopping !!
So, ladies, if you wanna go Isetan Sale next time, you know where to send your hubs and kids.. :D