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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wesak Day - 28 May 2010

On Wesak Day, we went to the Guan Yin temple at Jalan Ampang for prayers. Our initial plans to go Maha Vihara temple at Brickfields was aborted when we heard our PM will be there. I don't want to get caught in a 'no parking, people mountain people sea' situation.

Whenever we are back at my in laws, Amber will always bug Mah Mah when she does her prayers. Amber will want to light the joss stick, ask Mah Mah to carry her and place the joss stick on urns and she'll chant along with Mah Mah.. in fact, she's always looking out for praying time, waiting to bug her Mah Mah.

I told her we'll go to the temple on Wesak Day, she's excited and woke up '7cho8cho', and how I wished she'll wake up with such enthusiasm when it comes to school !

Lots of people. The temple provides vegetarian food for breakfast and lunch. Picture above is the entrance to the canteen. On festive dates and 1st and 15th date of the lunar month, the temple provides free food but devotees are encouraged to donate generously and do not waste food.
Not wanting to queue, we skipped this and lunch-ed elsewhere instead.

Hubs and I believe by instilling a belief in religion whilst she's still young, we hope she'll grow up to be a morally responsible person. Perhaps whatever we've missed to teach or guide her, religion will help.

Amber 'pai-pai'. She insist on praying to each and every buddha statue in the temple. I told her no joss stick or lotus candles. I believe we should preserve the environment and simple prayers is enough.

Praying to the 'thousand' hand buddha

Bathing the buddha

Some donations for the temple by some kind samaritans

We did our bit and put in a small donation to the temple.

Happy Wesak Everyone !