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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Selfish and Stupid

No one in particular.

But incidences with Amber I'd like to note down.

Fetching her from childminders, I was driving along a narrow lane, an inconsiderate car was parked very comfortably along the road, not being mindful of parking closer to the sides so other cars could pass.

This car, very selfish, park like that so hard to cross. Very INCONSIDERATE.

Mama, what is 'inconsiderate' (talking slow and pouring the word out slowly).
Selfish lor !
Why selfish ?
Coz he never think of other people when he park. You see, what if our car falls into the drain when we try to pass.
Huh ? Why he must sell fish wan ??
Uh-oh.. we are talking of 2 different things here.
No. no. not sell fish. He's selfish. Selfish .. hear me.. one is SELL FISH (speaking in a slower tone and emphasising the 'L') , the other is SELFISH.
SELFISH means not thinking of others. Like when Boon kor kor serves you fruit and your friends are all asleep, you eat all the fruits without keeping for them. You are not thinking of them right ?
That's selfish.
But the man who sells fish at the market, 'he sells fish at the market'
2 different meaning, selfish and sell fish.
So, selfish is In-kon-see-der-rate ah ?
Yes, inconsiderate.
But if he park near to the side, afterwards his car fall to the drain HOW ? He is SELFISH ah ?
No, no, Mama don't want him to park so close to the side but just a little bit closer so we can pass.

We've taught her stupid is a not a nice word to say, in fact a very very bad word and I think we've overdone it a little.

Mama, today Aunty Choo and Uncle Choo call me stupid
What ?? why did they call you that ?
Because I never listen
Do they call other people stupid ?
Yes, they call Yen Yen stupid also

I flare and overreacted.. you cannot call people 'stupid'. It takes a stupid person to call another person stupid (I know I overreacted on this one, then hubs stepped in and explained why stupid is not a nice 'name' to call someone)

So, Aunty Choo and Uncle Choo very bad ah ?
No, I don't think they mean to call you stupid.
Yes, they say me stupid. They very bad hor ?
Mama, I want you to call police to catch them. They are bad people, they call me stupid.
uh-oh.. I don't know the actual truth but I trust the childminders parents in caring for my kid in their best ability.
Well, they might not mean to call you stupid.
Yes ah, they did. I want you to call the police OK ? (now, she likes to end her setences with an authoritative 'OK')
ok ok .. now go to bed.

Next morning : Mama, remember to call police, Aunty Choo and Uncle Choo call me stupid.

arrghh.. what should I do ? to query the childminder would seem so trivial.