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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's School Holidays !

This is her first year @ school and we have to get used to the school holiday thingy. Previously, we'd just pack and go whenever we liked but now little missy has kindy to attend, has abacus homework, we will have to fit in to her schedule lol !!

Friends asked what we were doing for the school holidays, I was like 'duh ?? do I need to plan something ? must I plan activities ? Never occured to me before ler...

Then again, for a 4 year old to attend kindie from 8am to 12noon is quite tiring. 4 hours is a lot, I mean.. A LONG LOONG time for a kiddo like her. Adding to that, she spends another 6-8 hours at the childminder and sometimes even more when we have to meetings and such, and that too is a long waiting time for a kid. That explains why she'd refuse to go to bed earlier than 11pm. The time that she's picked up from childminders to bedtime is 'FUN' time, she'll yak, yak and yak nonstop, she just wants to pour out her whole day to us.

So, coming back, school holidays is really a break for the kids and the adults too. Tho' we have not planned anything but little fart is having fun. We've been out late every night since last Friday, attending a friend's baby's full moon party and Amber absolutely loves to play with the baby's 1.5 yr old sister, then on Sat, I had a gathering with my schoolmates and we, the kids and parents partied till 1am, then today, we went to Bagan Lalang and I just got home, Amber's fast asleep without showering..we just couldn't bring ourselves to wake up a sleeping angel.

And tomorrow... the party with my schoolmates continue with another bbq affair, and the day after is a shopping day at Mid Valley. Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh will be in town and Amber can play with her Cheh-Cheh.

Gosh, who says I need planning for school holidays ?

I think I'm the one who needs to plan, so I can get my housework done on time .. :(

... but I'm loving it.. school holidays that is... I get to have fun too.