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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cake, Cupcakes and Loaves

I baked some durian cake for the in laws recently. MIL gave me a tub of durian, she has in abundance, frozen durians in her freezer, the helper has her own durian orchard and always gives MIL tubs after tubs and she'll pass some to me and the other siblings.

I'm not really keen on durian. I do like but I just hate the after effects, heatiness, headiness and smelly mouth. If I take durian, I'll make sure it's top quality ones, not worth to take some ordinary grade ones and still suffer the same after effect, hai mai ?

With the tub of frozen durian, I churned out some lovely cakes for them. I did try durian cake with cake pans, loaf pans and cupcake pans. Aitelyu, the results are unpredictable, depending on the durian moisture content, some are so watery, the cake sinks, so it's all really trial and error for me.

I tried baking with a 9 inch tin and it took longer than 45 mins baking time, the cake wobbled a bit when I removed in from the oven.

Then I tried the loaf pan.. 2 pans equivalent to one 9 inch cake tin. Left to bake for same time, 45 mins, big mistake, cake turned out dry and dense.

This time, I tried both..loaf pans and cupcake tins. Results :

See the difference ?

Cracks and cake sank a little

Cupcakes.. rise nicely.. and cute too

Recipe for both cakes are same.. Follow the strict rule of cake baking - of never filling the pan more than half it's height.

Cupcakes.. rise to the occasion !