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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caught In The Act Again - Falling Asleep While Eating

Last week, we were out celebrating Father's Day at Malacca. Amber did not take her afternoon nap coz she wanted to follow BIL and the family to Malacca, in BIL's car. Her best friend aka cousin sister cheh cheh was there and they yakked all the way from Tampin to Malacca, skipping her afternoon nap. Hubs and me enjoyed our peaceful drive to Malacca (no loudspeaker, on the backseat, yakking non-stop)

Skipping her naptime was stressing her out and the kids also went to play at the Tesco Playland for one solid hour..and that'll really drain her out.

I know she could not hold till dinner time.. and true enough , she almost fell asleep on the dinner table. So tired she was, she nearly fell asleep at the dining table but had to finish her roast chicken drumstick first.

I caught her antic on camera :

Amber, Amber , the chicken tastes good ya ? Must lick yr lips clean ? Muahahahaha