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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eczema Attack Again !!!

Just when we thought her allergy level has gone down, she had another attack. This time it's quite bad till the heels crack and bleed and her undertoes bleed too, making her shoes bloody all the time and she wants to be carried. Undertoes are the worst coz when it bleeds, she can't walk.

At night, she'll scream and kick in her sleep due to itchiness.

The attacks are patchy, unlike before where her whole back or tummy will have rashes, this time it's confined to 'patches'.

The pics here are after lotion & steroid cream application and eczema has tamed down.

We've been very careful with her diet and since it''s school holidays, she's at the childminders most of the day and they too, have been very careful and cooperative to check on her diet.

We strongly suspect it's the MMRV vaccination that she took recently and she's allergic to the chicken pox booster shot. Let's hear it from her allergy specialist Dr Wong to confirm our suspicion.

On the other hand, she's not been coughing since we started treatment. Previously, she'll cough and lose her voice, over and over again., cough without phlegm and always an itchy kinda cough. Touch wood, I don't think I've heard her cough for quite some time.

Having an allergic kid is very heartbreaking but being parents, we must focus on what to do next instead of the allergy issue.