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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Haircut at home

Hubs has gone out for a haircut and client appointment. It's just me and the little fart. I promised if she'd finish her lunch of steamed fish porridge, I'd let her play in the bathtub and I'll also trim her fringe. She enjoys a haircut and will stay still and totally not move when I cut her hair, so much so that I've time to snap a few photos !

Stay still ! Stay still ! Or else your fringe will not look nice. Will look like 'dog bite'! hahaha.

The outcome. Ok what.. Saves me time and money !!

Then the little fart played in the tub while I had a shower and enjoyed a good body scrub and what nots.

She and her water pistol, shooting everywhere in the bathroom.
After an hour in the tub, her fingers and toes were prune like, so was mine. I quickly rubbed some baby oil before towelling dry her and I was surprised it made her skin really soft. Maybe I should use baby oil on her once in a while. She has a very sensitive and dry skin.