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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

On Labour Day, another driving force for us to bring Amber to Lake Gardens was to try out the famous Nasi Lemak Tanglin. I heard it's somewhere near the Butterfly Park, I quickly googled for the location and with our GPS, we were set for a hearty breakfast. And, that also explains why we were quite late at the playground, we fed ourselves full first :)

Arriving, we saw a long queue :

I told hubs to quickly drop me to queue up while he look for a parking. Kiasu mah...
There'll always be a long queue at this stall. If you want to eat, you've got to be p-a-t-i-e-n-t !!

Nasi Lemak Tanglin,
Kompleks Makanan Tanglin, along Jalan Cenderasari.
Open : Mon-Fri 7am-12pm, 4.30pm-9.30pm, Weekends & Public Holidays 7am-12pm

Resipi tradisi! Don't bother searching You'll be greeted by some alien stuff. Don't say I didn't warn ya !

I had this. Nasi lemak with telur sambal and paru paru. I already had a scoop of rice before I remembered fishing out my camera. That's me, once I see food, I always forget to take pictures.

Nasi lemak biasa is RM1.50 (rice, bits of cucumber, sambal, ikan bilis)
We had 2 nasi lemak biasa + 2 telur sambal + 1 paru paru + 2 teh panas = RM7.80. Not expensive but I can find better nasi lemak for less.

Verdict : Overrated ! Nasi was alright, but the ikan bilis was not crunchy at all. The egg was very small, must be some D or E grade. Not worth my early morning rush and getting my car to guzzle a few gallons just for me to savour the nasi lemak.
The teh panas was nice though, smooth, fragrant and silky.

If you want to give this place a try, no need to be kiasu like me to get out of car to queue up even before we reach the car park. The queue will always be long but you need not worry about not getting a seating space. There's a big open area behind the warong to have your breakfast. I only found out when I ordered my drink and the lady asked me : depan or belakang ???