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Monday, May 4, 2009


We bought a new sofa set from ROZEL (yes, hear me right, the big ROZEL). A 3+2+1 full leather sofa. After taking delivery for few weeks and enjoying it, we realized the rubber based attached to each leg had cracked. I think it was delivered cracked, not my weight or hubs and we certainly do go bouncing from sofa to sofa like monkeys.

Bad enough ? Not yet.. hubs favourite seat is the middle of the 3 seater, that's where he gets the best audio sound from our AV. He realised the middle seat is softer than the rest.

So we made a complain to Rozel. Someone came to change the base on 24 Dec 08 and hubs made a note on their service order form abt the sagging seat. He requested a copy of it by fax. Otherwise how else can we prove our complain, hai mai ??

Weeks passed, then Chinese New Year came and went, still no call from them. Last month, I gave them a call and they sent someone to change the few rubber based left. Then the service guy placed his butt on the middle seat and agreed with us it's softer than the rest. "Have to send to factory" he said..

ok.. ok.. no sofa for a week.... but wait a minute, no acknowledgement of sofa being taken ? Think I am so 'ngong koi' to let someone drag a fully paid sofa out of my house ?

I asked him to come back again with a service order form,

Then I received a call from Rozel, they said 'Errr... you have to pay RM160 for service and transportation!!!'

I flipped, I really flipped,, backwards and back ! Hubs was fuming !!

Why would we have to pay for a factory fault ? If they want prove, I have cctv recordings of my living room for weeks, nobody sits on the sofa except us, at night for an hour or 2 and not even every night !!

Hubs threw a good one at them, asked to speak to higher authorities.

Few days later, another unknown number from Rozel called and insist on the RM160 !!

I asked for a copy of the earlier service order dated 24 Dec 08 so I have proof to go Malay Mail Hotline. Asked many many times, I still don't get it.

Sounds fishy, looks like someone is covering their arse for bad customer service.

The case is not settled yet.

Just a warning, if you buy ROZEL, be careful. Make sure you get a service order form. Their customer service sucks !!! I'd say cheaper brands like Cavenzi gives me better service.

AAARRRGHHHH ! Sien sei, sien sei !