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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Recent hot weather is really killing us and itching up Amber. She would scratch, scratch and complain her itchiness especially when she's in the car, strapped up in her car seat and unable to scracth.

Since her birth, I've been applying Aqua cream emollients all over her body and Elomet (steroid based cream) on troubled spots. I've also tried countless tubs of lotions and creams and some work, some don't. Not many choices available here as most are not fragrance free

Aqua cream is the best emollient but it's also very sticky and hot. I have to blast on the air con and fan when I apply. My sis in law recommended me Sorbolene cream, which is common used by Australians but not available in Malaysia then.

Last week at Guardian Pharmacy, I chanced upon Redwin Sorbolene Cream, a glycerin based moisturizer for senstive skin, fragrance free too!

Verdict : Easy to apply, but takes a while to rub in, a light lotion and makes the skin feels smooth and soft without the lasting icky sticky feeling.

I hope this lotion works on Amber. I feel the itch when I see her scratch. My poor girl, she's been battling eczema since birth. Her paed gave us the assurance she'll outgrow it and I hope he's right.