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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bitter Gourd

One of my favourite vegetable is bitter gourd. It's a versatile vegetable and can be cooked in many refreshing ways. I love the Indian style of deep fried mini bitter gourds to go with curry rice but at home, I cook it the simple way.

In such extreme hot weather, bitter gourd is excellent to refresh and cool down our body.

I bought a big bitter gourd from the market and cooked it in 2 ways :

I took a quarter to fry with salted egg and egg. Just slice thinly, fry with garlic, add in smashed salted egg yolk, fry till egg yolk is cooked then add in beaten 2 eggs and salted egg white.
Fast and easy dish

The remaining 3/4, I had it the following day. I like to slice the bitter gourd to a thickness that's just nice to the bite. Fry garlic with fermented bean paste (tau cheo), minced black bean, dash of sugar and oyster sauce, add in chicken and braise till cooked and add in bitter gourd, cook for a couple of minutes and throw in some quartered onion and sliced fresh chilly.
Goes well with white rice, the sauce makes you want more rice !
So, for one bitter gourd, I split to 2 cooking styles and had it over 2 dinner. Not bad huh ?