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Monday, May 4, 2009

She questions me

It's my 3 year old daughter, the little fart.

I've been raising my voice at her lately. Any attempt to talk to her nicely would be like talking to the wall. She'll continue doing what she's doing, more often than not, doing things that annoys me.

Just now, I was spring cleaning her wardrobe, packing her clothes to the childminders. She's tramples and dance all over the clothes, annoying me further.

I raised my voice, she ignores.

I raised louder, she ignores

I shout STOP IT !! GO AWAY !! 1-2 ...... (3 is the ultimatum)

She listens and pause..

again looking at me with her 2 small twinkly eyes :
Mummy, why you shout at me ??
I don't like you shout at me you know ?

This time, I asked her : Why do you think I shout at you ? Did mama asked you not to step all over your clothes ? Did you hear Mama ? Why did you not listen to Mama ?


Then why did you ? Why ? Why ? Why ? You make Mama very angry you know ?

Sorry Mama but next time don't shout ok ?

**speechless again**

I don't know if what I'm doing is wrong or right. Maybe I should be more patient with her but sometimes it does gets to your head when you are busy or tired especially after a long day at work but to Amber, her hours with us in the evenings are all that she looks forward to.

In my childhood days, children are meant to be seen but not heard. Now, parenting takes a different turn!