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Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Sunday - Mother's Day

My little fart wished me Happy Mother's Day early in the morning (hubs taught her) and she went on to wish mil and sil Happy Mother's Day! I don't think she understand the meaning of it yet coz she kept saying she wants to blow a cake for me. I think she got confused with Happy Birthday.

We left for KL early and hubs had an appointment at Shah Alam. It's just my girl and me the whole afternoon. She also called Yee Yee & Ah Yee (my sisters in Singapore and KL), wished them Happy Mother's Day.

We cooked lunch, fed the fish and I put her to bed. She didnt' want to sleep and I was adamant she slept. We'll be attending a friends wedding dinner (Imbi Road Ah Ching bak kut teh's son getting married) I know it's gonna be a long night. After an hour tossing and turning, she still has not slept and I was getting very angry. Again I shouted and scolded her :

You don't sleep, Mama will take rubber band and 'piak-piak' you.

You know what she said ?

"Why you so bad ???"

That makes me an evil knievel mom ?? Some more on Mother's Day !

After all the threats, she finally slept and woke up just in time to get ready for wedding dinner. I wore a long black dress, my girl was awed :

Mama, you look like Black Transformer !
I want Black Transformer dress like Mama, long long one...

I let her choose 2 dresses, one sleeveless and one smocking dress with sleeves.

Don't want ! I want Black Transformer dress !

I had to coax her,
Your dress so pretty, like a princess, you see, there's lace underlay, only princes wear pretty dress like this. The cher-cher getting married today also very pretty, you want to look like pretty cher-cher ?


My little fart, no matter how pretty a dress I put on for her, she'll end up as a samseng at the wedding hall, run here, run there, touch this and that, sit on the floor, pull up her skirt.. yikes.. if only I caught it on video !