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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Girls Nightmare

She woke up thrice, screaming from the bed. This time, it's not itchy. She just wailed. Hubs had to pacify her and 'rock a bye baby' her back to bed.

On the third time at 3am, hubs got impatient, asked me to handle her, she doesn't want and used her kung fu kick to kick me away. I was sooo tired and could even sleep on with her crying. Hubs said "Keep Quiet! Papa angry, Papa want to sleep " .. then I know I had to wake up.

Switched on her bedlights , pulled her up, sayang sayang her and hubs carried her. We asked her :

Amber, nightmare ah ?

Si ! (si = yes in Hokkien)

What nightmare ? Somebody beat you ?

No ... got dog ... black dog

How many ?


Chase you ?

Si !

Aiya ! Wake up ! Wake up ! No dogs chasing you, you see , Siaw Tien is here, she oi oi with you, take care of you okay ?


only then, we had a good sleep. Gosh, I hope no more nightmares or itchy episodes.. ... I really need a good nights sleep ! Then I remembered when I was a kid, my nightmare quite standard punya. It's either being chased by a dog, cockroach all over the room, falling off a cliff or falling into a big black hole. Sigh ! when will I dream of 4 digit numbers ???