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Friday, May 8, 2009

Little People

My little fart is very vocal. VERY !
At the Giant supermart near our home, they employ a 'little person', as a cashier. This guy has been there for some time and I see him at the cashier counter without fail. Due to his lack of height, he stands on a vegetable basket to scan the goods.

One day, I asked Amber to bring me a basket (mistake, big mistake!). She went behind this little guy to pick up a basket. She saw him standing on a vegetable basket. Then she looked at him.
Then she looked at me. Then she open her big mouth and said loudly :

Mama ! teh kuo, heh keh abang small small wor. (Mama, look, the abang is very small)

Before I could take her away and explain, again she went , this time louder :


I can just hang my head behind the diaper shelves. Sei for ! I think many people heard. I wanted to bring her away to explain about 'height challenged people', I am not shielding her away from the truth but for kids, they open their big innocent mouth and shout first.

So, I walked away, she followed me with a big basket and quickly I went to a corner and explained to her, some people are born like that. Some born short, cannot grow tall normally like others, some born without visuals, some born with illness.
She looked at me with her round eyes and her CPU processing the new data I'm stuffing her with. Then I asked :

Do you understand ?

** okay **

At home, I let her watch Little People Big World on Channel 733. Better to let her watch the programme and understand little people live normal life too.

Now, when I bring her to our neighbourhood Giant, she doesn't stare at the guy anymore.