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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of Apple Pies and Roast Pork on a Saturday night

We invited some friends over for dinner on Saturday night. I had few things on my to do list :
1) bake apple tarts
2) cooked hubs favourite Hinghwa noodle, my aunt had given me a couple of washed and cooked "chee tou".

I love apple pies and when I came across a lovely looking apple tart recipe from a Malaysian mom married and living in Pennsylvania , I knew I had to try. Took me a while to test this recipe out, I needed to get the tart pans from a baking shop supplier.

My baking, though not as good looking as the original recipe, but tastes yummy.

The kids and my friend Fun, had some vanilla ice cream to go along with it.

Joanne giving a thumbs up !

And my little precious, giving me a hi-five for the tarts and ice cream.

Joanne's daughter, Sharon.. Aha.. you'd love to invite her to any parties. She relishes good food and it's a joy to see her eat. Sharon goes to the same childcare as Amber.
After the apple pie, we had roast pork as side dish to go along with wine and cheese.

Amber and Khloe both loved the siew yuk. My little girl took only 1 piece unlike :
Sharon , she loved the siew yuk to bits and I can hear her crunching and crackling the skin up !

We had 2 red wines for the night, only 4 of us drank (very well behaved coz there's kids to look after)

After the small little party, kids had a hard time saying goodbye.. Here's Amber and Khloe giving each other a goodnight and goodbye hug.

And little Sharon.. she was busy as a bee, carrying her baby bag and mom's handbag..ensuring nothing is missed !

Having friends over really warms the house up. That's why we never had any official house warming since moving in.