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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stopover at Ikea

After the trip to Lake Gardens, we were all pooped up and little fart wants to go Ikea.

She's a bit too big for trolleys and luckily did not ask to be carried. Both hubs and I were tired from the heat and walking at the lake.

So, the little fart did this :

I hope I'm not the only mom guilty if this nonsense ! I also hope Ikea would not put up a sign disallowing kids to do this but hey, this is so much more comfy than stroller or stuffing a 3 year olds long legs into the push trolleys.

After a heavy nasi lemak, we had this :

Yes, we are also guilty of stuffing our hot dogs full of relish, pickled onions, ketchup and mustard. Oh, I love mustard with sandwiches and hot dogs !
For RM2 a piece, it's a steal. Makes Ikea worth travelling for. Not to mention the free coffee refills. YUMMZZZ !!