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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mui Choy Yoke

I've been itching to have some yummy soft mui choy (preserved mustard leaves) for a long time. Mom used to make the best mui choy (many many years ago but i remember the smell and taste!!)

I asked the butcher, the sundry shop guy how to make mui choy, combine their tips and here we go :

Use 2 types of mui choy, salty and sweet (I used a combination of half & half), one whole garlic, half minced, half whole. soaked raw groundnuts and a piece of pork belly, blanched and cut to small pieces

Soak and wash mui choy thoroughly for at least 1 hour, change water 3 times. Cut to small pieces.

Fry minced garlic with pork slices, add a dash of dark soya sauce and fry till fragrant. Add in groundnuts, both mui choy, and enough water to cover, let it cook for 5 minutes

Transfer to slow cooker and cook on high for 3 hours

Tadaaa!! One big pot of mui choy to last me many meals. I'll freeze a few portions and stuff in the freezer. Good for last minute meals.

Mum used to cook mui choy in a enamel double boiler like this (picture taken from internet) :

Does anyone know where I can get such double boiler ? My memories of mom and her double boiler is the sound of it boiling, blup BLOP, blup BLOP, blup BLOP !!! and the smell of kaya or snow fungus with rock sugar or mui choy. Oh ! I really miss those days.

A lof of respect has been given to the old humble mui choy. Just a few ringgit worth but given the emperor status of 'double boiling'. I took the easy way out and dumped to a slow cooker instead. Just as good. When I get the double boiler, I'll try kaya instead.