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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Radish cake

Made radish cake in a rush when we decided to visit a friend. I thought radish cake is just nice as a teatime snack.
This recipe can be varied. You may add mushrooms, chinese sausages or even ham. I like it plain with dried shrimps

One of the easiest tea time favourite to make.

Recipe :

2 medium sized radish, abt 700gms
100ml water
250gm rice flour
30gm tapioca flour
70gm tung meen fun or wheat starch
5ooml water
half a bowl of medium sized dried shrimps
half a bowl of mini dried shrimps (or geragau, the same shrimps used to make cencalok)
dash of pepper
1tsp of salt
1tablespoon abalone sauce
Peel radish. Shred till very fine, using the finest shredding hole you can find. Shred to a pot. Add 100ml water and boil for 10 minutes till radish is soft
Fry both dried shrimps separately. Pound the medium sized one till fine.
Add all 3 flours and 500ml water in a big bowl, mix with hand and ensure it's evenly mixed without any lumps
Heat wok, add the boiled radish and flour mixture and pounded dry shrimps, add salt, pepper and abalone sauce, stir till mixture thickens.
Transfer to an oiled 10in diameter steaming pan.
Steam in rapid boiling water for 45 minutes.
Remove and cool.
Add the fried dried mini shrimps as garnishing (you may add spring onions too)
Serve with sweet bean sauce and Kg Koh chilli sauce.
For the sweet sauce or 'teem cheong', buy a packet of thick sauce from the sundry shop. Mince some garlic till very fine, fry with a tablespoon oil, add 3 big tablespoon of sweet bean sauce.
Fry till fragrant and add water to a consistency of your liking.